29th August, 2020



The Parents Teachers Forum meeting held on 22nd August, 2020 at PRETIS.

The meeting resolved as follows:

A. That all parents, teachers and students / pupils are advised to strongly abide by NCDC guidelines and protocols on COVID-19,

B. The proposal by the school to implement online teaching for all classes was embraced and endorsed by parents. However, on account of the age of pupils in classes at the early years section (playgroup, nursery and primary one), management agreed on visual learning for 10 minutes to 15 minutes per subject 3days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday),

C. In order to facilitate online classes ONLY, parents are to pay 50% of terminal fees as follows:

Junior Secondary classes: 34,250
Senior primary: 19,250
Lower primary classes:19,250
Nursery classes: 16,750
Play group: 16,250

D. For the online classes, the school shall execute it’s 3rd term scheme of work of the present (2019/2020) academic session while we await further and clear instructions from educational authorities on the status of this session, and the commencement date for the next calendar.

E. Online classes would be subjected to full continuous assessments and examination.

F. Notwithstanding the school’s online classes calendar, the school shall comply with the directive of the State and federal authorities for resumption of classes relating to the completion of the unexpired 2019 / 2020 session and commencement of the next academic session,

G. Management would schedule and announce a suitable date for the school’s graduation program for transition classes (primary 5 and JHS3) after their external examination,

H. Management made it clear to Parents that upon full resumption, the activities of bus service would be guided by NCDC protocols,

I. Prompt and timely submission of further holiday assignments was discussed. Also, similar emphasis was given for collection (pick up) of books after marking to ensure delivery of more assignments in the various subjects in line with the online teaching scheme,

J. Parents were requested to constantly check the school’s website in other to get the information or update about the school not just for assignment purposes. Management also requested parents to submit their email addresses to the school if they have not done so yet.

Accept our esteemed regards and best wishes.


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