Dear Parents,


Commencement of Third Term 2019/2020 Session

TAKE notice that consequent upon the declaration made by the State Ministry of Education relating to School reopening and a meeting of stakeholders; the following should be noted:

1. Government of Niger state has approved that third term 2019/2020 will commence from Monday 5th October to Friday 18th December 2020. With this, all schools are expected to undertake 3rd term. The Ministry of Education shall sanction any school that chooses to violate this directive by opting to commence 1st term.

2. Online lessons: The Ministry is aware of some schools that conducted online teaching. The Ministry directs that such online teaching is classified as revision only and cannot serve as a replacement for the academic activities of third term. All schools should comply with the new academic calendar.

3. All grades; including nursery and early years are to resume excluding exit classes who have conducted their external examinations.

4. Social distancing and all other covid19 protocols should be strictly observed and maintained.

5. Extra lessons are allowed but schools must ensure that all protocols during regular classes are observed.

6. A certificate of compliance would be issued to every school by inspectors from the ministry of education.

7. Each school shall setup a COVID 19 monitoring team of 2 – 3 staff to inspect and enforce compliance within the school.

8. No child would be allowed into the school premises without nose mask or face shield.

9. Schools should have holding room or sick bay for first aid treatment in case of emergency.

10. School buses are to operate in line with COVID 19 sitting protocols.

In addition to the above, the School management further directs as follows:

A. Payments of school fees for third term 2019/2020. Note; all parents who have paid 50% earlier for online classes would now be required to pay the balance only.
B. Use of school uniforms is made compulsory only on Mondays. All pupils and students are allowed wear neat mufti, with shoes or canvas to school on the other days or unless otherwise specified,
C. School resumption time is adjusted to 8.30am daily as classes commence by 8.45am.
D. Any child, with any slight form of illness is advised to remain at home in the interest of public health,
E. The school is reviewing it’s bus services in view of covid 19 protocol and increase in the pump price of PMS, hence parents with interest in school bus service should make their interest known by Monday 5th October, 2020. Bus service would commence on Wednesday, 7th October 2020.
F. The use of playground, would in the interim, be strictly regulated.

As we welcome our children back to school, we commend our parents for the perseverance and cooperation during an unexpectedly long break.

Happy Independence Day from all of us at Premium Towers International School, Minna.

God Bless.


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