Premium Towers Celebrates Children’s Day

News Bulletins:

May 27, 2019 – Premium Towers Celebrates Children’s Day

Pupils of Premium Towers International School, Minna last week joined other kids around world to celebrate United Nation’s Day for Children.

Pupils participated in 3 seperate events organized by the National Gallery of Arts, Minna, Band CDS Group NYSC and the Jolly Funny Event.

At the National Gallery of Arts event which was tagged “Annual Children’s Day Fun Fair and Talent Hunt 2019”, Premium pupils put up an impressive performance for all categories of competitions. At the end of the activities, PRETIS received the following awards:

A. First Position for Juniour Arts Exhibition Category

B. First Position for Poem Presentation

C. First Position at the Instant Quiz Competition

D. Second position at the Drama Presentation.

The Band CDS group of NYSC held a match pass parade for all participating schools at the Police Training School School Minna. At the end of the non – competitive activity, the School was issued a Certificate of Appreciation for its role and support towards the holding of the program.

Prior to May 27, 2019, the Pupils were at the Murtala Mohammed Park, Minna on May 25, 2019, for an event organized for Schools by Jolly Funny. The interactive and social event event provided an avenue for the pupils to interact, share ideas and play with other kids.

The School wishes all parents, guardians and the general public a Happy Children’s Day, Inauguration Day and Happy Eid el Fitr Celebrations.